The Inspiration

Many of the bridges in Paris, and indeed in much of Europe, have become places for couples to make a public expression of their love. Personalized “love locks,” such as these on Pont Neuf, hang by the thousands along the Seine.

The Details

Brillant contemporary bridge-style mounting is available in 4mm and 6mm widths. Choose from all high-polish or diamond pavé variations.


This design uses a tiffany-style peg head that can accept a wide range of diamond shapes and sizes. Matching bands are availble for the pavé version of Brillant.


In most cases we will be crafting a unique Brillant especially for you. This approach gives you the chance to customize the look of your ring. For example, you might be interested in using a family diamond as your center stone, or opt for 18-karat gold or platinum in lieu of 14-karat gold, which is reflected in the prices below. This versatility makes exact pricing difficult without discussing your particular needs, but here are starting points for the two Brillant variations.


Available in several widths-4mm (shown) prices listed
Mounting only (your center) from $ 2980
With .50-carat center: from $5580
With .75-carat center: from $6580
With 1.00-carat center: from $11,970
Larger diamond sizes & shapes available


Mounting only (your center) from $3980
With .50-carat center: from $6580
With .75-carat center: from $7580
With 1.00-carat center: from $12,970
Matching diamond wedding band from $3880

Above pricing is for 14-karat white, yellow, or rose gold. Alternative metal selections, your choice of diamond, or other variations will affect the final price of your unique creation.

Designing with Brillant©

You can use this unique design’s style as a starting point for a design of your own. If there are elements of this design you like, add it to your Design Profile Page to have as a reference during your meeting with our designer.