About the design—

The Inspiration

What better way of celebrating the Celtic notion of tying the knot than with this Celtic knot-inspired design?

The Details

The three-stone head, ornamented with fine milgraine details, allows you to customize your ring with color.


The twisted shank presents a delicate appearance, but is designed to be robust.


In most cases we will be making your piece to order, especially for you. This affords you the chance to fine tune the look of your ring. For example, you might be interested in using a family diamond as your center stone, or opt for 18-karat gold or platinum in lieu of 14-karat gold, which is reflected in the prices below. Pricing for Celtic Braid is as follows:

Celtic Braid

With .35-carat center and .18-ctw sides: $3500 (shown)

Above pricing is for 14-karat white, yellow, or rose gold. Alternative metal selections, your choice of diamond, or other variations will affect the final price of your unique creation.

Designing with Celtic Braid©

You can use this unique design’s style as a starting point for a design of your own. If there are elements of this design you like, add it to your Design Profile Page to have as a reference during your meeting with our designer.