Client Experiences




When we went to Christian Caine to have our rings designed, we were looking for pieces that were timeless and unique. Our vision was to have jewelry made that will be passed down through the generations of our newly created family. Emily had several different ideas of what she wanted and Christopher was able to take those ideas and create something beautiful and one-of-a-kind. He had suggestions that we hadn't even thought of that made the design come together. Christopher and the design team were amazing and surpassed any expectation that we had going into this process. The experience was unforgettable thanks to the personable and professional Christian Caine staff! -Emily & Jeremy


His Story:

I would buy multiple engagement rings if I could just to have the experience I had at Christian Cane over again. I knew that I wanted something special for Caitlyn. Any old ring from any old jewelry store was so far from what I envisioned on her finger. I didn’t want it to be just any accessory; I wanted it to be a labor of love and wanted the whole process to be special for me and for her. My parents had been going to Christian Cane for years, so it was a no-brainer when it came time to start looking at rings. I had an idea of what I wanted and Christopher had the idea of how to make it—and that’s what we did. We designed a one of a kind ring just for her. I love knowing that she has a ring that no one else has, and one that I had a part in designing and creating. - Michael

Her Story (Click to Read):

I look down at my hand everyday and smile. Not only because I have the most amazing ring I could ever imagine, but because I know that my fiancÚ took the time to customize it. The experience we have had at Christian Cane is unlike anywhere else I have ever experienced. When it came time to think about getting our wedding rings we didn’t hesitate to make an appointment at Christian Cane. Christopher took the time to give us his input and help us explore different ring options. We will be lifelong customers of Christian Caine. - Caitlyn


Christopher, Jennifer and the entire Christian Caine team are will not receive better customer service anywhere else!!! They truly go above and beyond, starting the moment you walk in the door. From their expert advice, to their kindness and high quality designs, there really is no one better!!! - Nicole

My husband and I have been going to Christian Caine since we were in high school. We have been given the same care and attention for almost 8 years now, and every time you walk in it is an enchanting experience. I get to talk to the people who are creating and fixing my jewelry, because the jewelers are on site. I never have to wait for things to be sent away or worry about timing, they make it as easy as possible. These things made them the obvious and only choice when it was time to get our wedding rings. (My engagement ring is from there too)

The real magic was my husband's wedding band. I had his father's wedding band to his mother, and it was a beautiful hand engraved gold band - it was a mountain and forest scene they had sketched one time while hiking. They were able to stretch the band while preserving the design and adding some personal touches (such as a fleur-de-lis engraving). They also created a silver sleeve for the band to make it stronger, it is stunning.

We are customers for life, I cannot imagine buying my jewelry anywhere else. - Kelcie

From the moment you walk in the door at Christian Caine it is an experience. Everyone is wonderful, you're given a lovely glass of water with lemon and you're treated with excellent care. My wife and I had our wedding rings made here and they are lovely to look at everyday. I recommend these fine folks to all of our friends. For unique and beautiful jewelry and outstanding customer service, this is the place to go! - Robin