Travel-inspired and classic bridal styles from our national award-winning design team.

My team and I have created bridal collections inspired by classic motifs and influenced by my world travels. Many designs combine old world hand-engraving and refined, European details. Each original work of art is crafted to order with your choice of center diamond. — Christopher

Bella Italia draws on the delicate architecture of central Italy for its inspiration. The result is a unique blend of vintage and contemporary styles.

Coeur de Paris is a collection of several designs inspired by the splendor and beauty of Paris. Scroll to Coeur de Paris >

paris design

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Bella Italia©

Bella Italia features its own engraving motif drawn from frescoes and other architectural elements common throughout Tuscany and the Veneto regions of Italy. Although dominated by halo designs, Bella Italia is also available as a simple solitaire, and the design can be pared down to a sleek, clean shank with neither accent diamonds nor engraving. Capable of incorporating all common center shapes, including the popular cushion, this design lends itself especially well to designs with a colored gemstone focal point.





With details inspired by Florence's famous cathedral, Fiore is our latest addition to the Bella Italia collection.



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paris design

Our Coeur de Paris collection draws its inspiration from one of the world's most beloved and romantic cities. Influenced by her fountains, gardens, and the enduring pair of islands at her heart, this group of designs is typified by clean, flowing lines and a profile featuring our signature, a diamond-accented rocker shank we call the Paris shank. Coeur de Paris is comprised of multiple distinct designs, la Fontaine, Classique, Étoiles sur Paris, Jardin, and the Bridges designs, each of which is detailed below.

We also regularly produce one-of-a-kind variations created to showcase an especially fine center diamond, or as a way to experiment with the limits of the design concept. Find out more about each design by selecting a link below.


The Inspiration

This intricately-shaped scroll pattern is very common in central Paris...on doorway, in fences and gates.... It always suggests a heart and so became the motif for our "Heart of Paris" design.

original bridal designs

The Details

Coeur de Paris features a bezel-mounted center gemstone surrounded by delicate milgrain beading, or a traditional Tiffany-style head.



The elegant shank features a European-style rocker bottom set with a very fine diamond. Many feature a distinctive, hand-engraved scroll design.

la Fontaine©


This member of the Coeur de Paris collection takes its design cues from the many fountains of Paris. Intricately hand-carved details and fine milgrain mimic the density of detail for which they are known, and the flared bezel captures the look of their deep, inviting pools. The diamond-accented Paris shank offers the opportunity to add a splash of color to your Fontaine, or choose a colored center, if you'd like.


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Mon Ange©—New!


New!—The Bay of Angels carves out a dramatic curve along the Côte d'Azur. That distinctive, sweeping arc, the pebble beach, and the deep color of the water each had its influence on this new design.


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Les Feuilles©—New!


Les Feuilles' delicate milgrain accents and leaf elements define this unique, Paris-inspired design. Choose from white, yellow, or rose gold.


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What's more classic than a solitaire? For many people a simple band with a Tiffany head is the engagement ring design. The Paris shank and diamond accent adds a extra bit of sparkle and personality. The milgrain variation presents a slighlty more square profile and brings to mind architectural embellishments common in the heart of Paris.


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Étoiles sur Paris©


Étoiles sur Paris with its curving milgraine "river" and sprinkle of diamond "stars," evokes the night sky over Paris. The peghead mounting allows the use of nearly any size or shape of diamond and offers a classic look.


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The many parks around Paris, lushly planted with flora from tulips to chestnut trees and lavishly ornamented with wrought iron and marble, provided the starting point for this original creation. A by-pass design and hand-engraved botanical details are the hallmarks of this collection.


original bridal rings hagerstown winchester

paris design

There are nearly two dozen bridges spanning the Seine along her serpentine path through Paris. A few, like the Paserelle Debilly, are simple footbridges, while others, such as Pont Neuf and the Pont des Arts, are iconic structures known around the world. Some are monumental, like the ornate Pont Alexandre III which leads to the Grand Palais. By day they are thriving arteries connecting the two halves of the city to each other and to the Heart of Paris, Île de la Cité. By night they offer some of the best views of Paris, her lights casting a magical glow on the river's rippling surface.

Our Coeur de Paris–Bridges designs offer multiple takes on our bridge mounting concept. From petite to bold, these creations can be modified to accommodate many different sizes and shapes of diamonds, and the mountings also offer you the opportunity to add some color or additional diamond accents to your individual ring.

original bridal designs

Je t'aime©

Many of the bridges in Paris, and indeed in much of Europe, have become places for couples to make a public expression of their love. Personalized "love locks," such as these on Pont Neuf, hang by the thousands along the Seine



Petit Pont©

Petit Pont is designed around a delicate bridge mounting with our exclusive Paris shank. The integrated basket head can be modified for your design to accommodate many different diamond shapes.





Clean lines, contemporary styling, and brilliant in every way. This bolder bridge mounting is available in an all high-polish variation and in the pavé version shown above.