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Custom Design

The simple FAQs about how it all works


custom02SMChristopher & his Design Team specialize in custom design from engagement rings to sentimental, legacy projects and everything in between. It’s an exciting and memorable experience and more affordable than you may think! Customizing our travel-inspired collections begins at $500.

Gather your ideas (don't forget to browse our Portfolio!) and anything you may want to use and give us a call or email to set up a complimentary design appointment. does it work?

It’s easy! Call or email to set up a time to meet. (We Skype, too!) Christopher and his talented design team will walk you through each step of the design process and work with your budget to arrive at an amazing custom design. After you approve the concept & quote, the real fun begins! We can send you photos & video updates as our design team creates your unique piece! Want to help work on your piece? How cool would that be? If the idea sounds intriguing, let us know and you can play a part in the making of your design.

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Is Custom Design expensive?

We can design and create a unique piece of jewelry for you at a similar cost of a fine, mass produced piece. Customizing one of our existing travel-inspired collection pieces can cost as little as $500.

How do I pay for it?

Once you approve your custom concept and quote, a 50% deposit is required. The balance is due upon completion. We can also set up a customized payment plan to match the production schedule. This would allow smaller payments timed to specific stages in the creation of your special piece.

Can I finance a custom design?

Absolutely! We have great options from 0% to 9.99% available from our financing partner Wells Fargo.

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How long does it take?

A few days to a few months. Every project is different, but it is best to allow as much time as possible. In general, the earlier you start the better.

Can I use my gold or platinum in my new piece?

Sometimes. Not every design lends itself to using old materials. We will review your project to help you decide how best to incorporate your metal.

What if I don't know exactly what I want?

With our experienced design team, coming up with ideas is easy. We will walk you through the concept stage and before you know it we will have an idea that fits your taste and personality.

Ethical Sourcing & Recycling

It is our goal to continually work closely with our suppliers in order to ensure our products are produced in the most ethical way possible. We use recycled and responsibly-mined metals with our custom designs. We are committed to using earth-friendly, low-impact materials to create our jewelry in the most responsible way possible.

Conflict Diamonds

Christian Caine Design takes the issue of Conflict diamonds seriously. We strictly adhere to the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme which was set up to guide and monitor the industry and to ensure the ethical distribution of diamonds throughout the world. We have maintained a 20-plus year relationship with our primary diamond partner who shares our zero-tolerance view regarding conflict diamonds.


Designing with Christopher


consult01SMChristopher Rankin has always been a designer at heart. Although educated in gemology and manufacturing, his passion lies with design. His travel and design work in Europe has strongly influenced his design style, which is characterized by clean, flowing lines and his distinctive interpretation of classic motifs. Rankin brings a fresh and unique perspective to his original designs.

"When I am designing for a client, I focus on conveying his or her unique design style. However, the way in which this is expressed is inevitably influenced by my experiences…I love this collaboration! It has produced some of my finest work."-Christopher

The only limit is your imagination. Begin the process by talking to one of our design consultants about your ideas and we'll get you on the way toward realizing your own, unique creation.

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