Designing for You




Designing for you is different from designing for my collections.  While we work together you become my inspiration.  I want to hear your story…how you met, your shared experiences, and what unites you.  Then we translate these intangible emotions, feelings, and ideas into visual elements that become the foundation of your ring. 

As an artist, I am both moved and inspired by my clients and their stories. Each is unique and special, and Emily and Jeremy's experience, related below, is but one.    Christopher


When we went to Christian Caine to have our rings designed, we were looking for pieces that were timeless and unique. Our vision was to have jewelry made that will be passed down through the generations of our newly created family. Emily had several different ideas of what she wanted and Christopher was able to take those ideas and create something beautiful and one-of-a-kind. He had suggestions that we hadn't even thought of that made the design come together. Christopher and the design team were amazing and surpassed any expectation that we had going into this process. The experience was unforgettable thanks to the personable and professional Christian Caine staff! -Emily & Jeremy