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portintro02Christopher Rankin studied jewelry design under the tutelage of Van Cleef & Arpels head designer Robert Ahrens. Since that time, he has traveled extensively, bringing a broad diversity of influences to Christian Caine’s orignal bridal and fashion designs. He brings that same wealth of design experience to each custom project he works on. Left: Christopher on a recent trip to Capri, Italy

"A good designer brings more to the table than just a knowledge of the mechanics of jewelry manufacture; he or she also understands composition, balance, sculpture... even history. A jewelry designer is to a piece of jewelry what an architect is to a building. It's the architect that makes the difference between any random house and your dream home.” — Christopher Rankin

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Bridal Designs

Our latest designs in the latest styles.


Fashion Designs

Big color, mixed metals, unique looks!


Custom Concepts

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Our latest designs in contemporary styles.


Other Designs

Our latest designs in contemporary styles.

The only limit is your imagination. Imagine something a little different? Talk to one of our design consultants about your ideas and we'll get you started on the process of realizing your own, unique creation. Click to find out about scheduling an appointment.

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