Rick & Deneen’s Anniversary Design—in Nice, France!

When Rick commissioned a design for his wife, I was happy to help. But, when he said he wanted to create the design in our studio in Nice, France, I was really excited!

Working with Rick and Deneen in Nice this September, getting to be a small part of their thirtieth anniversary, was a memorable experience for me. Deneen’s reaction to Rick’s surprise was so touching and is exactly why I love the work I do….

Jewelry design is unique in its ability to capture the past while creating new memories through the process of creation. As an artist, being involved in such an intimate way gives purpose to me and my work. ~Christopher


Each of the videos below tells a different part of Rick & Deneen’s story as I helped them design a special, family-inspired ring to commemorate their recent anniversary.

Christopher prepares for a design trip to Nice.

Rick surprises Deneen with the gift of a custom design.

Christopher begins to work out the details of the project.

Christopher presents the final design to Deneen.

Coming soon—Deneen sees completed design

(Check back Soon)
Click any of the images below to see pictures from Rick and Deneen’s trip to Nice.