About Christian Caine

Christian Caine is a locally owned,  national award winning designer founded in 1990.  We specialize in custom bridal and redesign and create our designs on premise in our state of the art manufacturing shop.  We believe jewelry holds a special place in our lives and creating a personal piece with your specific design style truly matters.

Christopher and his design team have also created an extensive line of award winning original collections inspired by the art, architecture and culture of some of the worlds most romantic cities.   We look forward to sharing the art of fine jewelry design with you.

Our Design Team

Community Partners

We believe strongly in working with others to improve our local communities. Each year, Christian Caine donates hundreds of man-hours and thousands of dollars to organizations and programs such as those listed here.

In this small way, we endeavor to give back to the communities that have been vital to our continued growth and success.

Ethical Sourcing

Even as we acknowledge that our industry is reliant on mining activities, we strive to conduct our own business in ways that minimize negative impacts on our planet. Likewise, we abhor the use of forced labor and/or child labor in diamond mining, as well as the use of diamond sale proceeds to fund military activities. To learn more about our practices in these regards, click the link below.

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Client Experiences

Over the course of the three decades we have been in business, it has been my privilege and pleasure to work with hundreds of clients, often forging relationships that have lasted many years. My thanks to these and the countless others who have allowed us to be a part of such a special time in their lives. — Christopher


Thank you, Christian Caine.

From the moment, I walked through the doors, I knew I was at the right place for a special project. I had given Christopher two or three photos of the style of engagement ring I wanted for the love of my life. I wanted to have my own special and unique touch somewhere in the whole ring making process. Christian Caine accomplished my requests.

I sat down with Christopher and his design team to brainstorm a couple of ideas on how I could be a part of the actual construction of the ring. After contemplating different ideas, we decided I would be the person to polish her ring once it was made. 

At the end of this whole experience, Christian Caine and I created a one-of-a-kind engagement ring, but we also created a permanent and everlasting friendship.

Thanks again — Derek

I proposed to Shakana on the bridge in Harpers Ferry where the two rivers—the Potomac and Shenandoah—meet. We are truly excited about getting married. 

Shakana is in LOVE with the ring, in addition to everyone who she shows it to! 

 The ring is simply AMAZING, and I am so glad that I choose to use you all!

Thank you so much for your hospitality and your hard work! I am so thankful for everything! The look on her face when she first saw the ring was PRICELESS! — Joshua

From start to finish, Christian Caine had my fiancé, Ryan, and my best interests at heart. They went above and beyond by sending us videos and pictures of every step in the creation of my ring! Christopher, the designer, allowed Ryan to be a part of the creative process! He and the design team did an amazing job crafting my engagement ring into something that fits us as a couple. 

Christopher really cared about my ideas, and I could tell that he takes a lot of pride in his work. The design team made me feel so special and important.

The experience was so impactful that Ryan tells all his guy friends about it! I could not be more pleased with the experience with Christian Caine, as well as my stunning ring! Every girl dreams of this day and I have to say reality was better than any dream. We cannot wait to start designing our wedding bands. Thank you, Christian Caine and Team. Everything was PERFECT! — Ryan & Dana

Christopher sat with us and listened to both our individual interests and tastes as well as the story of how we met and the history of the ring. This is when we felt the true Christian Caine experience. Over the next several weeks, he turned what was once a rough sketch into a more formal design, then into what is now our engagement ring.

Being part of the design process meant that our ring was something unique and special to us. The design he gave to us captures the history and sentimental value while allowing us to start our own chapter of our family. 

Thanks to Christopher and his artistry, we have a true symbol of the joining of our pasts into what is now the adventure of our future together.

Justin & Mary

When you discover the treasure that God has gifted to us in a lifetime love, whom do you trust to symbolize it?

I trusted Christopher to encompass the intricacies of our love in the intricacies of his art, and what a beautiful, unique piece he created.

I had a vision for the diamond that Kelsi’s father gave her mother over 25 years ago. Jennifer helped my vision become a reality with her helpful suggestions and her understanding for the sentiment the ring carried, while Christopher crafted this one-of-a-kind treasure for my bride to be. I couldn’t be more grateful for my experience at Christian Caine. — Will

I wanted to give you an update that Debbie loves her newly made ring and she did say, “Yes!” After I picked the ring up last Friday June 14th nothing went as planned. I decided there was no keeping the secret anymore and I went ahead and gave Debbie the ring that night. I had special plans made to propose later in the summer, but after seeing the ring in person—and your nice presentation—those plans went out the window. 

I was so anxious I had to either give her the ring ASAP or go to the hospital as my blood pressure was probably through the roof. I was going to pass out. I first asked Debbie’s youngest daughter for permission to marry her which she cried and gave me the ok. When Debbie got home from work, I made a nice dinner then after pacing around the house she asked me why I was acting funny, so we went on a sunset walk to one of the nearby parks where I proposed. Nothing fancy but simple and low-key.