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Although educated in gemology and manufacturing Christopher has always been a designer at heart. After studying with Robert Ahrens, the former head designer for the famed French jeweler Van Cleef & Arpels, he began traveling and designing across Europe before settling on a studio in Nice, France.  His design style is characterized by clean, flowing lines and by a personal interpretation of classic motifs.  Christopher is a nationally reconized designer winning the prestigious Jewelers of America “People’s Choice” design award.

Coeur de Paris© engagement ring

Designing in Europe has a profound influence on my style.  The art, architecture and culture is continually expanding and drawing my work in unforeseen directions. The diversity of people, how they love and express themselves throughout the centuries, creates a facinating tapestry of inspiration from which to draw. 


When I am designing for a client, I focus on conveying his or her unique design style.  I want capture their personality and story in the design… I love this collaboration! It has produced some of my finest work.

Naturally, one person can’t do it all. I rely on my Design Team immensely.  They are a talented group of artists, gemologists and design consultants united in their passion to help clients create and experience the art of fine jewelry design.

Traveling and exploring the great cities of the world has a profound influence on my design style. Experiencing the art, architecture, and culture of these unique places continues to shape and influence how I express myself artistically.

But mostly I find the inspiration for a piece in the people I’m designing it for. Their personal stories, their unique design profiles … these influences are filtered through what I have learned designing around the world and have a fundamental impact on the look of any given project.

A Team Effort

Taking a Christian Caine project from conception to completion is a team effort. Whether it’s the latest travel-inspired design or a collaboration with a client, many people each have a part to play in it’s creation. What I do wouldn’t be possible without my team.

Award-Winning Results

This designer-led, team-oriented approach paid off in the form of a recent award for the design of Milano©. With details inspired by the Duomo of Milan, Italy’s largest church, Christopher and his staff created this unique, beautiful pendant.

Design Notes

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COVID Side Effect #57—An Itch to Travel

Barcelona seems ages ago, although it's been only eighteen months.  As the world begins to reopen to travel, I'm eagerly looking forward to picking my next inspiring destination. I started creating travel-inspired designs more than twenty years ago.  Even after two decades, I know I've barely begun to experience all that Europe—not to mention the [...]

More Thoughts on Travel

Finding inspiration is rarely a problem for me. It’s in everything. The cathedrals of Tuscany, the canals in Venice, the Côte d’Azur, the fountains of Paris … it’s easy to be overwhelmed by all the shapes and forms and the ideas they create. My struggle comes when I must choose what to put in and what to leave out of a design. As I have grown, I have learned what’s not there can often say more than what is.

I went to Europe with the idea that changing my surroundings would change my approach to jewelry design. I discovered it was the changes those journeys made in me that made the difference. Originally, I traveled to be inspired as a designer. Today, I travel to be inspired as a person.

Here are a few photos of some of my favorite destinations from the past twenty years.