Our G.I.A. graduate gemologists meticulously examine the finest G.I.A. certified diamonds and only the most brilliant are selected.

Then we compare and negotiate their prices against other diamonds throughout the world to secure maximum value. Our 30+ year relationships ensure ethical sourcing, quality, and pricing.

Then, and only then, do we begin showing you diamonds worthy of your dream ring!  Beauty and price perfectly balanced for legacy and value.

Together you and I can create something that truly matters.  —  Christopher

CC Original Engagement Rings Starting at $2485

A New Way to Buy a Diamond

CC does not sell diamonds like traditional retail jewelers, nor are we like internet sites where you must buy sight unseen. We have combined the pricing of online with the hands-on selection of bricks & mortar.  No more scrolling online through thousands of stones and guessing the differences.  No more inflated chain store prices.  We are selecting GIA diamonds with that rare combination of beauty & value.  It is a balancing act that requires a great deal of time & expertise. It’s a new approach to a complicated process. 

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We are highly trained, GIA graduate gemologists who broker diamonds on your behalf. Our goal is your goal:  to select the finest diamond at the lowest price possible. We have 25+ year relationships that ensure ethical standards and no-nonsense pricing and quality.

It’s a new approach to a complicated process. Come see the difference working with our highly trained, award-winning design team makes.