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Centrally situated between Paris, Naples, Venice, and Barcelona, our Nice location serves as a base of operations during overseas design trips. It allows reliable access to high-speed internet and provides a convenient meeting place as we continue to work on new CC Lifestyle products. Our Nice Design Studio is not open to the public.


Two of our most recent designs have been inspired by Nice—Côte d’Azur and Mon Ange. Côte d’Azur is the first fashion design from France that didn’t get its start in Paris. Mon Ange adds to an already impressive bridal line and marks the first time color has been part of the original concept.

Côte d’Azur©

Nice’s pebble beach, the gently lapping surf, and the vivid sunset colors are all combined in this original creation. Scattered among the beach stones are over a quarter-carat of blue and colorless diamonds. This bold design, full of shape and texture, rapidly became a client favorite.

Mon Ange©

Mon Ange also has features inspired by the waters around Nice. First is the color of the two side diamonds, a blue as vibrant as the Mediterranean Sea. A more subtle detail is the semi-bezel that holds those diamonds. Each has the exact degree of arc that defines the Baie des Anges—115.5º—and is adorned with tiny milgrain “pebbles” from Nice’s beach.

Photos from around Nice

Can’t decide between France and Italy? Visit Nice! Wandering the maze-like alleys of Vieille Ville, or Old Nice, it’s easy to imagine you’re exploring the side streets of Florence or Sorrento. Just cross the Avenue de Verdun, however, and your surroundings couldn’t be more French. It’s a beautiful city and we’re happy to be marking our third year in this exciting location.

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